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3 Piece Suite. In Sylvania folks are always popping in and out of each other’s houses, dropping by for a cup of tea here, sharing some of the flowers they picked that morning there or even just dropping round for a kind word. This means that no Sylvanian living room can ever have too many places ..
Adventure Tree House. Adventure Tree House has fun in every branch. A rope swing that also goes up & down like a lift. A log ride that goes down the huge slide. With multiple rooms and a secret passage, just for the babies. The hut on the terrace can be removed and played with separately. Conn..
Sylvanian Babies Ride & Play Set. SKU: 5054131050408..
Baby Airplane Ride. Soar above the clouds with the Baby Airplane Ride! The Sylvanian babies can reach new heights with this fun ride which comes with two airplanes, so best friends can have fun together. Pull the sun to lower the airplanes and change the level ... in case someone gets a little scar..
Sylvanian Families Baby Amusement Park.SKU: 5054131055373..
Baby Bath Time. It's bath time for Jason the Bear Baby, and his sister Andromeda the Bear Girl is here to help! The set includes all bathing essentials such as a baby bath, a baby bath robe, a towel, a sponge, 4 baby lotions, a storage shelf and basket in which to store these immaculately designed ..
Baby Carry Case (Bear on Rocking Horse). Baby Bear Freddie Petite loves his cute turquoise rocking horse! As well as playing in his room, he adores to explore and make friends! Boasting a beautiful presentation box with handle and bedroom themed background, this is a great set to carry with you on ..
Baby Carry Case (Cat in Cradle). Rock a bye baby! Little Grey Cat Lulu loves her pretty cream cradle. Complete with a beautiful carry case, this is just the set you need if you're going on a trip or want to carry your Sylvanian wee one around with you. Cat’s cradle takes on another meaning with thi..
Baby Carry Case (Cat on See-Saw). This sweet Tuxedo cat baby has its own see-saw to play on all day long. With his creamy fur and black ears, this little one is excited to join the other kittens and bunnies at nursery! This kitten and his see-saw comes complete with handy carry case with background..
Baby Carry Case (Cat on Swing). Little Ginni Golightly just loves her swing! With its white frame and pink seat, this swing is just what every Sylvanian little ‘un has been dreaming about! Silk Cat Ginni spends every morning playing on her swing before settling down for a well-deserved nap! Complet..
Baby Carry Case (Dog on Slide). There's nothing in the whole of Sylvania more fun than a slide! The wee Labrador baby has bunches of energy and loves to jump and tumble around in the garden. Especially fond of this yellow and pink slide, this little tot is having the time of its life climbing up an..
Baby Carry Case (Rabbit on Baby Chair). Little Breeze Chocolate with her cute hazelnut dipped ears and tiny pink, heart shaped nose is the smallest member of the Chocolate Rabbit clan, and the most mischievous when it comes to mealtimes. This baby chair keeps her safe and secure at all munch moment..
Baby Carry Case (Rabbit on Pushchair). The smallest member of the Milk Rabbit Family loves nothing more than having adventures in his pushchair. Pushed around by his mother Kate or Sister Rebecca, little Henry Periwinkle wants to see as much of Sylvania as he can before he grows up! With its yellow..
Baby Carry Case (Squirrel on Car). Little Alfie loves to ride in this baby blue toy car! Complete with bright yellow togs, this little fella, spends his days exploring Sylvania one garden at a time! This set comes with a lovely carry case complete with handle, perfect if you want to transport your ..
Baby Carry Case Assortment. These three adorable baby sets and accessories are cute as can be. Each set includes; 1 baby figure, 1 baby accessory and carry case. Collect all three styles! Assortment contains: Baby Rabbit on Rocking Horse Baby Dog on Rocking Horse Baby Bear on Tricycle SKU: ..
Baby Castle Nursery. The Baby Castle Nursery is the cutest nursery you ever did see! The castle shape has candy floss pink turrets and lots of hiding areas, perfect for hide and seek! Whoosh down the slide, touch the clouds on the swing or have a go on the seesaw - just add the flower wheels to the..
Baby Castle Playground. Everyone can play at being a prince or princess with the Baby Castle Playground. Climb up the ladder to the top turret wearing your crown then *whoooosh* all the way down again on the slide. Includes Chocolate Rabbit Baby figure. Connects with the Baby Castle Nursery to cre..
Baby Choo-Choo Train. "Choo-choo!" All aboard the Baby Choo-Choo Train! The fun train set can move along the tracks with a gentle push, but don't forget to stop at the railroad crossing gate. Get your friends along and start your journey straight away! Includes Bear Baby figure. SKU: 505413105..
Baby Ferris Wheel. Weeeeeee! Spin the Baby Ferris Wheel by holding onto the handle and turning it, little ones can reach up and touch the fluffy clouds above! Baby Ferris Wheel can be turned by holding onto the handle and turning to spin the circular base. Room for up to three of your friend..
Baby Hedgehog Hideout. Baby Hedgehog Hideout is a secret hedgehog motif house for a Hedgehog Baby. The Hedgehog Baby fits snugly into the sleeping bag. Inside the hideout is a slide, a hedgehog-shaped table, and a stove. Includes Hedgehog Baby. Contains over 10 pieces including: Hedgehog Baby..
Baby High Chair. This simple but elegant white baby high chair with blue embellishments lets the little ones enjoy their meals from way up high and makes sure they're safe and sound while they nibble. Comes complete with a cute cup, dish and spoon and a detachable tray for your little button. Fig..
Sylvanian Families Baby Magical Series CDU.SKU: 5054131055465..
Baby Ropeway Park. Swing through the trees with Baby Ropeway Park. Pull the end of the rope left or right and watch Milk Rabbit Baby ride the gondola. There is an adventure playground under the trees. Includes: Milk Rabbit Baby Main Unit Left Part Main Unit Centre Part Main Unit Right Part G..
Sylvanian Families Baby Tree House. A tree house for the babies to clamber on during their play break. It comes with a Walnut Squirrel Baby figure so you can play straight away. Go exploring in the Baby Tree House this playtime! Clamber up to the top for the best view of Sylvanian Village, aim for ..
Bath & Shower Set. Rub-a-dub-dub! If your Sylvanians need a scrub than this bath and shower set could be just what is required to get them clean and sparkly again! Complete with a water bunny toy and a cute as can be whale toy, this set really tugs on the heart strings! Complete with a bathtub,..
Bear Family. Patrick is the mayor of Sylvanian Village and everybody trusts him. He's always thinking of things to do for the village and making sure that everybody in Sylvanian Village is OK. It's a busy job, but he always says that when he sees his wife Margaret's smile, he doesn't feel tired any..
Bluebell Seven Seater. The Bluebell Seven Seater is a classic Sylvanian car, which comes in smart navy blue. With 2 detachable seats, and 3 child seats included. This is the car for you if you’ve got a large brood to look after. As well as plenty of space inside, this car also comes with a book t..
Boutique. Shop till you drop with this sparkly new boutique! Cecilia Teak has a passion for fashion and has designed a whole selection of wonderful bags, shoes, jewellery and accessories for your stylish Sylvanians to buy! She's even put on an extra beautiful dress for the occasion, just watch he..
Sylvanian Families Breakfast Playset. SKU: 5054131054444 Bricks & Mortar Only..
Candy Wagon. A wagon for selling lots of colourful candy. Attach a movable shelf to the front or side and place boxes of candy on it, ready for customers to get their paws on. After a positive school report or a long working day, a visit to the Candy Wagon is a real sugar coating. Pick from 15 diff..
Caramel Dog Family. Caramel Dog Family members have small ears, which adds to their charm. The amazing family includes the Father who loves birdwatching, the Mother who loves hiking, the Girl who loves going out, and the Baby who loves collecting acorns.   4 piece set: Father Mother Girl ..
Children's Bedroom Set. Children's Bedroom Set includes a bed and desk for creating a child's bedroom. Children's Bedroom Set features beds that can be detached and used individually, or together as a bunk bed. Books and a globe come included, and the globe can be spun around. The shelving on top o..
Chocolate Rabbit Baby. Crème loves the Pain au Chocolat her dad makes, she'll often greet the other Sylvanians with chocolate around her mouth. She's good friends with the birds in the garden, and shares her buns with them. Comes with a crib and a baby bottle. SKU: 5054131054055 Bricks..
Chocolate Rabbit Baby Set. This sweet little set includes Chocolate Rabbit Baby Crème with her tell-tale hazelnut dipped ears and clotted cream coloured fur! This little tot is ready for beddy byes! Baby Crème loves to be tucked into her cot and told bedtime stories. Wearing her red knitted jimjams..
Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Family. The Chocolate Rabbit Family featuring Freya, Coco, Frasier (dad) and Teri (mum). Frasier enjoys planning all kinds of fun events and parties to be held in Sylvanian Village. His friends in the village love him because he's always throwing wonderful parti..
Chocolate Rabbit Grandparents.Rhys Chocolate is the captain of the Seaside Cruiser, and lives at the Sea Breeze Cape. He travelled to many different places on the cruiser when he was young. He gives tours of famous places around the Sea Breeze Cape, and tells lots of good stories to the visitors...
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