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Putty & Slime

Wholesale Putty & Slime from Muddleit.

2-in-1 Fluffy Putty2-in-1 Fluffy Putty includes two different colours inside each pot for your to mix together and goes fluffy when you stretch it!With three different colour combinations to collect; Red & Blue, Yellow & Pink and Green & Orange.SKU: 5033849865894..
2-in-1 Galaxy Putty & Moon SandMake amazing space landscapes!Multi-coloured space putty with fluffy moon sand.Stretch it and mould it!For ages 6 years up.BARCODE: 5033849924270..
Amazing Puffy PuttyPuffy Putty is super stretchy and comes in six assorted colours for you to collect!SKU: 5033849011253..
Area 51 Alien Slime in TubeGlow in the dark alien is packaged in a test tube full of slippery, drippy slime.Maybe it came from a science lab at area 51!BARCODE: 5038104634871..
Bouncing PuttyAmazing neon colour putty that really bounces!Can even be rolled up to make a bouncy ball!Easy to mould and shape with storage tub.Available in four assorted neon colours.BARCODE: 5033849202095..
Dino Slime Eggs in CDUDinosaur figure in stretchy prehistoric slime!BARCODE: 5033849867546..
Garbage GangDiscover which creepy crawly is hiding inside your slimy garbage waste!Includes one pot of colourful, sticky slime with surprise toy in novelty garbage shaped canister.BARCODE: 5050837649915..
Putty Mix-ums.Mix, match, and create with Putty Mix-Ums!Perfect for nurturing young creatives, Putty Mix-Ums allows you to squish, squash, and create all kinds of creatures and objects.Your pot also comes with decorative extras to really make your creations stand out from the crowd! ..
Super Shimmer SlimeSparkly and shimmering slime.Available in three colours; blue, yellow and pink.Re-sealable storage container to avoid mess.BARCODE: 5050837659310..
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Basic Ooze CanistersBusting out of the New York sewers are four bodacious brothers ready to kick butt!Born from a mysterious mutant ooze, these tubular Turtles and their radical rat dad have trained in the art of Ninjutsu to become a bad guy smashing super team of ..
£32.95 £37.20
Unicorn Slime Eggs in CDUUnicorn figure in stretchy gooey slime!BARCODE: 5033849923440..
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