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Wholesale Jokes from Muddleit.

Bendy Rubber Pencil.   Prank your friends with this rubber wobbly pencil!BARCODE: 5022103000225..
Jokes Blood Capsules. These capsules, when chewed, create a frothing blood effect in your mouth! Good for Stage or gags!Blood Capsules x 4.Not recommended for children under 5.   BARCODE: 5022103000089..
Jokes Blood Sweets.   Blood Sweets will keep everyone laughing and allow you to play great practical jokes on all your friends and family.Not suitable for children under 5.   BARCODE: 5022103001307..
Jokes Blue Mouth Sweets. A classic joke, and perfect for fancy dress parties or to prank your friends. Offer un-suspecting friends and family an innocent blue sweet, let them get their chops around it and then watch their mouth and teeth go blue! Gruesome, but very funny! 3 sweets per ..
Jokes Bug Gum.   Are you tired of people asking you for your gum? Then you need to get yourself one of these Bug Gum pranks! This may look like an ordinary pack of gum however as your victim draws in to take a slice of your happy mint gum, they will unleash the full furry of a mouse trap s..
Jokes Bullet Holes.   Fool your friends with these self-adhesive Bullet Holes!Great prank to stick to cars and windows! BARCODE: 5022103000195..
Jokes Car Scratch. Want to upset a car owner?With this simple practical joke, you can make a new car look damaged!Simply apply to the bodywork of any vehicle and laugh at the owner’s reaction! BARCODE: 5022103000829..
Jokes Cigarette Burns. This cigarette is perfect for fooling your friends.Just place the adhesive burn on their table or brand new sofa and watch them scream in horror as they believe you have just ruined their furniture, or just use it to get your smoking friends into trouble.Looks realistic and..
Jokes Cigarette Ends. Fake lit cigarette ends will have everyone convinced you've been smoking. Perfect for a practical joke or for use in stage and film productions. If you want to really make a non-smoker's blood boil, then there is no better prank for you! Just "light up" in their favour..
Jokes Cockroach Bug.   This little cockroach bug prank is great for freaking people out!Whether you put it in someone's bed or near their food, it's bound to give them a shock.  Dark brown rubber & very realistic looking! BARCODE: 5022103000874..
Jokes Cockroach Candy.   These are a perfect little prank. Especially at Christmas time when you've got one of those big tubs of chocolates. Why not throw a few in, or just give this innocent looking sweet to your victim.When they unwrap the wrapper, a fake cockroach is waiting to give a h..
Jokes Dirty Face Soap. Got friends that like to wash with soap? This little trick will make them think twice!It may look like an ordinary white bar of soap but once used it will make your face and hands incredibly dirty!Just swap your victims soap with one of these and listen for the screams ech..
Jokes Doggy Poo.   Dog Poo prank! Lay it on the floor or any suitable surface and see the look of horror. This incredibly realistic Dog Poop prank is the perfect way to irritate any pet owner. BARCODE: 5022103000119..
Jokes Fake Smoke Lit Cigarette. These fake cigarettes appear to be smoking. They can be used in areas where smoking is forbidden like theatre stages as well as being a great practical joke for adults. ADULTS ONLY. BARCODE: 5022103000478..
Jokes Fart Sweets. Create a stink with these whiffy sweets!Classic confection which contains laxatives.Include them in a selection of sweets and your victim will never be able to tell the difference!They won't be able to hide the fact that they have fallen for this prank since they wi..
Jokes Fart Whistle. The Fart Whistle is simple to use.All you have to do is blow into it and it will produce a realistic farting sound that is similar, but more powerful than simply blowing a raspberry!   BARCODE: 5022103000508..
Jokes Fly In Ice Cube. Fly in ice cube prank, sure to break the ice at parties!This great practical joke can be used time and time again! BARCODE: 5022103000584..
Jokes Fun Blood. You can use it for an April Fool's joke, a fun prank or a good old fashioned joke, only your imagination sets the limit.The blood is extra thick to create the best effect.Not suitable for children under 5.16MLBARCODE: 5022103000157..
Jokes Glow Monster Teeth.   These Monster Fangs are one of Hallowe'en's best sellers! This 1 piece pair of glow in the dark monster teeth are made of non-toxic plastic and will fit kids and even most adults! Hold them to the light for a few seconds and then go into the dark and these mons..
Jokes Hand Buzzer. Yet another classic prank!The Hand Buzzer delivers quite an unexpected consequence when someone shakes your hand!A powerful vibration that simulates an electrical shock and will have the victim of your prank shaking in horror as you try to maintain your grip on to their hand!W..
Jokes Horrible Finger. The Horrible Finger!This rubber finger has a bloody wound and comes complete with blood stained bandages. Age 3+ BARCODE: 5022103000782..
Jokes Hot Mouth Sweets. What looks like a nice tasty orange flavour sweet soon turns into a hot and spicy experience for the consumer!Include them in a selection of sweets and your victim will never be able to tell the difference!Well not until their mouth is on fire anyway.Not recommended for ch..
Jokes Itching Powder. Not recommended for children under 9.   BARCODE: 5022103000249..
Jokes Jumping Bandaged Finger.   Pop the fake bandaged finger over yours and push the spring back, then let it fly!Age 3+ BARCODE: 5022103000812..
Jokes Jumping Beans.   Put them on the table and watch them jump about.Lots of fun and very amusing!Age 7+ BARCODE: 5022103000393..
Jokes Kitty Crap.   Prank your friends with this Kitty Crap!Just lay this plastic rubbery fake cat poop anywhere to make your victim jump!Age 3+ BARCODE: 5022103001413..
Jokes Magic Candles.   Who can resist making fun of the special birthday boy or girl with candles that won't blow out! Once you blow them out, they relight again and again and again all by themselves.10 candles and 10 candle holders.CAUTION: TO EXTINGUISH, PUT CANDLES IN WATER. Be sure the ..
Jokes Nail Through Finger. The Nail Through Finger prank will render those gentle soul’s unconscious with one quick look.Know anyone who's just not cut out for the blood and gore?The Nail Through Finger Prank will be perfect for you!Not suitable for children under 5. BARCO..
Jokes Pimples and Warts.   Complete your fancy dress look with one of these self-adhesive pimple and wart sets.Perfect for a scary witch or spotty school boy or school girl costume.Will allow you to play great practical jokes on all your friends and family.Pack contains one wart and one pim..
Jokes Smelly Feet Sweets. Classic confection which will leave you with the taste of smelly feet!Include them in a selection of sweets and your victim will never be able to tell the difference! Not suitable for children under 5. BARCODE: 5022103001260..
Jokes Snappy Gum. Are you tired of people asking you for your gum? Then you need to get yourself one of these Snappy Gum tricks!This may look like an ordinary pack of gum however as your victim draws in to take a slice of your happy mint gum, they unwittingly unleash the full furry of a mouse tr..
Jokes Sneezing Powder. Make anyone feel like they have hay fever with this sneezing powder.This isn't just any old sneezing powder this is double strength! Definitely going to send your sinuses into overdrive and give that triple sneeze effect.This is a great prank that is easy to administer. Jus..
Jokes Soap Sweets. Classic confection which give you a squeaky clean taste of soap!Remember that famous phrase from your childhood "I'm going to wash your mouth out with soap". Well let’s just say you're lucky your mum never came across these sweets!Include them in a selection of sweets and your ..
Jokes Spider & Fly.  Fool your family and friends with this fake Spider and Fly.Spider is 6.5 cm across.Not suitable for children under 5. BARCODE: 5022103000850..
Jokes Squirt Ring.   Put the squirt ring on your finger and surprise your victim with a jet of water. BARCODE: 5022103000713..
Jokes Squirting Gum. All you have to do is fill up the Squirt Chewing Gum with water, lure in your prank victim with the promise of a delicious peppermint stick of gum, and squirt away!Not suitable for children under 5.Designs & Colours may vary.   BARCODE: 5022103000676..
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