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Anime Heroes 6" Action Figure AssortmentAnime fans can now imagine the biggest battles and missions with these fantastic action figures.Featuring characters from ONE PIECE, NARUTO and DRAGON BALL Z, each figure is highly detailed and has over sixteen points of articulation. These collectible figures..
Attack on Titan 27cm Plush AssortmentCollect all four fantastic plush characters inspired by the hit Japanese manga series Attack on Titan.Assortment includes;Eren YeagerMikasa AckermanLevi AckermanColossal TitanBARCODE: 8425611312274..
Black Clover 28cm Plush Assortment.Barcode: 8436591582830!! FOR IN STORE RETAIL SALE ONLY - STRICTLY NO ONLINE SALES ALLOWED !!..
Bleach Anime Heroes 15cm Figure AssortmentBring home your favourite BLEACH characters and relive all the action from the hit anime series!These highly detailed action figures can be used for either play or display and will remind you why BLEACH is one of the best anime titles out there. Each figure ..
Chainsaw Man Chibi Masters Mini Figure AssortmentFantastic assortment of collectable figures based on characters from the hit manga series Chainsaw Man.Each intricately detailed and highly stylised figure measures 8cm high and includes a display base.Assortment includes; Denji, Pochita and Chainsaw ..
Demon Slayer 27cm Plush AssortmentFeaturing characters from the manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba this plush assortment is the perfect gift for any fan.Assortment contains;3 x Nezuko Kamado3 x Tanjiro Kamado3 x Zenitsu Agatsuma3 x Inosuke HashibiraBARCODE: 8425611326974..
Demon Slayer 5" Figure Assortment - Wave 1This fantastic assortment of action figures is inspired by the hit series, Demon Slayer.Containing three characters from the franchise to collect; Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado and Muzan Kibutsuji.Each 5-inch figure is intricately detailed and features sever..
Demon Slayer Chibi Masters Mini Figure Assortment - Wave 3Fantastic assortment of collectable figures based on characters from the hit manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.Each intricately detailed and highly stylised figure measures 8cm high and includes a display base.Assortment includes; M..
Demon Slayer Ultimate Legends Figure AssortmentThis great assortment is inspired by characters appearing in the hit Demon Slayer franchise.Standing approximately 13cm tall with up to 16-points of articulation, allowing endless posing and display options, each exceptionally detailed figurine is based..
Digimon Blast Ace (BT14) BoostersIntroducing the latest addition to the Digimon Card Game - the Blast Ace!This expansion comes with a new game mechanic called ACE, featuring the beloved characters from the Digimon adventure series.Featuring over 100 card types, including;40 x Common26 x Uncommon22 x..
Digimon Exceed Apocalypse (BT15) BoostersFive popular Digimon now have the power of ACE!Four popular Tamers, including Matt from the Digimon Adventure anime, are here along with five of their partner Digimon, such as WereGarurumon, with the new ACE play mechanic! Build decks based on these ACE Digi..
Digimon Resurgence (RB01) BoosterRelive the classic Digimon battles in the Digimon Card Game Resurgence (RB01) expansion.This set includes fan favourites from some of the earlier sets as well as introducing new mechanic and strategies.Featuring over 120 card types, including;21 x Common25 x Uncommon..
Doraemon 32cm Plush AssortmentPerfect for fans of the hit manga series, take home your own cuddly Doraemon plush.The robot cat from the 22nd century has lots of futuristic gadgets in his four-dimensional pouch ready to solve everyday problems!Featuring four delightful designs and measuring 32cm (12...
Dragon Ball Chibi Masters Mini Figure - Wave 2Follow the adventures of Goku and his friends after defeating Manjin Buu and bringing peace to Earth once again.Goku encounters beings far more formidable and defends the Earth against a new powerful, destructive deity. He attains the power of a god and ..
Dragon Ball Dragon Stars Figure AssortmentAssortment contains:Super Saiyan 3 GokuVegetaBroly (Dragon Ball Super)SKU: 3701405825508..
Dragon Ball Evolve 12cm Figures - Wave 1Get transported to the world of Dragon Ball Super with these collectible Dragon Ball Evolve action figures!Perfect for displaying in a collection or playing with to recreate your favourite scenes from the smash hit series, each figure is intricately detaile..
Dragon Ball Super Limit Breaker Series 30cm Figure AssortmentCreate your own Dragon Ball world with these awesome Limit Breaker figures.The realism of these epic 30cm / 12 inch figures of favourite characters transports you to the imaginative world of the show you love. Recreate your favourite scene..
Dragon Ball Super MonopolyBad news ... Zen-Oh has declared that twelve universes is too many, so the Tournament of Power is here to decide which universes will survive and which must be destroyed! Join Goku and his friends in a brand new spin on the classic family game in order to prove your worth ..
Dragon Ball Z - Fusion World: Blazing Aura (FB02) BoostersAlong with carrying over the Era from the first set, a new Era will be added in the series! The battles in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game will become even more heated, with the introduction of many new characters, some of which are includ..
Dragon Ball Z - Masters: Zenkai Series Beyond Generations (B24) BoostersIn this latest set, Unison cards from the UW series are getting a power up as Z-Unison!Further expanding the range of Z-Card play options, Z-Unison will also offer alternative art Leader cards as well as the long-awaited God Rar..
Dragon Ball Z - Zenkai Series: Perfect Combination (B23) BoostersSet contains 274 card types to collect, including;60 x Common (normal/holo)30 x Uncommon (normal/holo)29 x Rare (normal/holo)18 x Super Rare (normal/holo)14 x Special Rare (normal/holo)3 x Secret Rare (normal/holo)1 x God Rare (normal/..
Dragon Ball Z Shenron 12" PlushHigh quality and officially licensed plush figure.The soft and cuddly plush figure stands around 30cm (12 inches) tall.Barcode: 8425611327858..
Dragonball Z 12" Plush - 7 AssortedAssortment contains :-4 x Saiyan Goku (black hair)3 x Super Saiyan Goku (yellow hair)2 x Beerus2 x Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta (blue hair)1 x Saiyan Vegeta (black hair)1 x Piccolo1 x Manjin BuuSKU: 8425611321405..
Fairy Tail 27cm Plush AssortmentCollect characters from the hit anime adventure series Fairy Tale with these amazing plush toys!Assortment includes :-3 x Happy1 x Charles1 x Plue1 x Panther LilyBARCODE: 8425611339820..
Full Metal Alchemist 28cm Plush Assortment.Barcode: 8436591584216!! FOR IN STORE RETAIL SALE ONLY - STRICTLY NO ONLINE SALES ALLOWED !!..
Hunter x Hunter 28cm Plush Assortment.Barcode: 8436591582557!! FOR IN STORE RETAIL SALE ONLY - STRICTLY NO ONLINE SALES ALLOWED !!..
Jujutsu Kaisen Chibi Masters Mini Figure AssortmentFantastic assortment of collectable figures based on characters from the hit manga series Jujutsu Kaisen.Each intricately detailed and highly stylised figure measures 8cm high and includes a display base.Assortment includes; Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fus..
Manga Art Maker KitDiscover your inner artist with Art Maker: Manga.Renowned manga artist, Ruth Keattch, illustrates all the essential techniques for learning this iconic Japanese art form. Each chapter is designed as an instructional masterclass to help you draw human anatomy, body proportions, uni..
Manga Rock PaintingGet creative with this mega Manga rock art painting set.Use the acrylic paints with the brushes and dotting tools to create something special to give as a gift or use as a house decoration. The 16-page booklet is bursting with handy hints, tutorials and everything you need to crea..
My Hero Academia 28cm Plush AssortedCollect all your favourite characters from My Hero Academia!Assortment contains;Deku (Barcode: 8436591581611)Todoroki (Barcode: 8436591581659)Bakugo (Barcode: 8436591581635)All Might (Barcode: 8436591582106)!! FOR IN STORE RETAIL SALE ONLY - STRICTLY NO ONLINE SA..
My Hero Academia Chibi Masters Mini Figure Assortment - Wave 2Enroll in U.A. High and join the world of My Hero Academia with these exciting collectable figurines!Each non-articulated character figure measures 8.5cm high, is expertly hand crafted with intricate details and presented in an attractive..
My Hero Academia Danglers.Show off your love for My Hero Academia with these officially licensed danglers! Collect all 5 characters.BARCODE: 0796714679303..
Naruto 25cm Plush AssortmentFOR IN STORE RETAIL SALE ONLY - STRICTLY NO ONLINE SALES ALLOWEDNow your favourite characters from the hit anime series Naruto: Shippuden are available as a fantastic plush assortment!BARCODE: 8436591582601PLEASE NOTE: Assortment ratio may vary, however all pack..
Naruto Chibi Masters Mini Figure Assortment - Wave 1Revisit the exhilarating adventures of adolescent ninja, Naruto Uzumaki, and his allies with these exciting miniature anime figures!With intricate details, these collectable figurines are expertly crafted to represent characters from the hit manga ..
Naruto Monopoly.The world’s favourite family board game brings you another exciting edition of MONOPOLY – Naruto!Choose your favourite equipment token, discover the shinobi of Hidden Leaf Village and accumulate fortunes, but watch out for taxes, jail and bankruptcy.Advance to key characters like ..
One Piece (DP03) Double PackGreat value pack containing two OP06 boosters and a DON!DON card featuring one out of two new designs.Packaging doubles as a card case.BARCODE: 810059784420 (Box)..
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