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Top Trumps Trends of YouTube RRP £8.00

Top Trumps Trends of YouTube RRP £8.00
Top Trumps Trends of YouTube RRP £8.00
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Top Trumps Trends of YouTube.

It's difficult to find someone who hasn't visited the online video-sharing website, YouTube. With over 800 million YouTube videos, some trends were inevitable.

This Top Trumps #trending pack covers 30 of our favourite YouTube trends since the site was launched in 2005. From vlogging to DIY and reaction videos, plus iconic characters and music like Gangnam Style, Nyan Cat, Rickrolling and Charlie Bit My Finger, this new edition of Top Trumps encapsulates all of the humour, innovation and creativity that the video platform offers nowadays. Learn about the history of these trends and historic moments, discover their impact, value and much more. With categories including Year, Views and Controversy, you'll need to deploy all of your knowledge if you want to choose your best stats and outsmart your opponents.

Will you shake down your foes with the Harlem Shake, or Live Stream your victory dances once you've claimed all of their cards? Featuring everything from animals to ASMR, this pack is sure to entertain and educate in equal measure. Just don't forget to like, subscribe, and hit that bell.

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