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Top Trumps Moana RRP £8.00

Top Trumps Moana RRP £8.00
Top Trumps Moana RRP £8.00
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Top Trumps Moana

Relive thirty of the most incredible moments from Disney's epic animated adventure, Moana, with this exciting new edition of the classic Top Trumps game!

Take to the sea with Moana, Maui, Hei Hei, Pua, Gramma Tala and the mighty Te Fiti. Using your knowledge of this beloved movie to outsmart your opponents and ultimately claim every card for your own. With categories including Adventure, Teamwork, Humour and Courage it is up to you to decide which scenes will carry you to victory.

From the stone pillar, where Moana must one day stack her rock, to Tamatoa's lair, the attack by the Kakamora and the destruction of Maui's hook this game is perfect for Top Trump lovers and Moana fans alike. Relive all of the action and comedy, plus that beautifully-animated ocean spray, and battle it out with friends and family in this fresh take on the classic family card game.

What can we say, except ... you're welcome!

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