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Summer Lines

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Aqua Blaster Double Trouble (43cm)The perfect weapon for a water fight!Fires up to 28ft!Capacity: 27fl.oz.Two barrels for double trouble!Water Gun Size: H:17cm x W:43cm x D:6.8cm3 years +SKU: 5031470190545..
Aqua Blaster Wave Beam Water Gun (33cm)Soak your friends and family with the Aqua Blaster Wave Beam!The on board 1 Litre water chamber means you can keep having water fuelled fun for longer.Firing a beam of water up to 12 metres, your friends and family will have to run to avoid a soaking..
Bubble Swords.24 x Bubble Swords Stick Wands.120ml of liquid.Assorted Colours.SKU: 5033849560201..
Bubble TubsSKU: 5033849044428..
Bubbles. Colours & Designs May Vary.SKU: 5014761002710..
Flying Rings.SKU: 5033849029197..
Jump It Lap Counter.Introducing Jump it! The super fun jump and skipping game that can be played indoors and outdoors! Place on your ankle, spin the lap counter ball, jump the cord, and record your laps! Records up to 1,000 laps! Be part of the challenge, how many laps can you jump? Helps improve c..
Light up YoYo.This Light Up Yo-Yo is an incredibly simple toy that's been given a cool upgrade! As you play and perform awesome tricks for your friends, the yo-yo lights up in a bright and bold colour that takes your routine to the next level. SKU: 05050565244161..
Marbles on Blister.Great traditional fun for indoors and outdoors.Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years.SKU: 5033849005962..
Rainbow Ball with Cord.Size 5 (22cm) ball Comes uninflated Requires football pump with Euro needle to inflate (not included)SKU: 5033849055653..
Retro Skipping Rope.Evoking memories of your own childhood, this Retro Skipping Rope is sure to bring as much fun and joy to your child's life as it did to yours.Whether you're using it to keep fit or wanting to play skipping games with your child, this rope with its classic wooden handles i..
Smart Ball.The Smart Ball is the latest innovation in football. This amazing counting football with lights and sounds allows you to challenge yourself and your friends to see who can achieve more tricks. For the best results make sure you inflate your Smart Ball to a minimum 70cm circumference ..
Water Aqua Blaster.Dip the Aqua Blaster into water, pull back the trigger and load with water, aim and fire.Supplied in an assortment of colours.Age 3+SKU: 5050837342618..
Water Bomb Balloons & Nozzle.   Neon Coloured Water Bomb Balloons, just fill with water and throw!SKU: 5050837390015..
YoYo Ball.Create endless yoyo tricks with Yoyo ball, which automatically returns to you and never needs rewinding!The yoyo that always comes back to you with a specially designed retractable string! Makes tricks look super slick and easy!There are tricks such as Loop-the-Loop and Around the World..
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