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Wholesale Squishmallow Toys from Muddleit.

Squishmallow 12" AssortmentAssortment contains:Ziv the Sugar Glider (SKU: 734689245215)Maggie the Stingray (SKU: 734689663422)Aicha the Pink Shell (SKU: 734689663439)Nabila the Narwhal (SKU: 734689663460)Simone the Shrimp (SKU: 734689663453)*Canda the Stripy Fish (SKU: 73468..
Squishmallow 8" Pastel AssortmentAssortment contains;4 x Malik the Triceratops4 x Dohna the Leopard4 x Sabine the Fox4 x Luxe the Caticorn4 x Kiki the Kangaroo4 x Ruthie the UnicornSKU: 734689265725..
Squishmallow 8" Wildlife AssortmentAssortment contains;4 x Robb the Orangutan4 x Aron the Gorilla4 x Deeto the Hyena4 x Adila the Antelope4 x Gracia the Meerkat4 x Thompson the ArmadilloSKU: 734689250929..
Squishville Mystery Mini Plush Capsules Series 4.Get ready for the squish-venture of a lifetime with the Squishville Mystery Mini Squishmallows. This adorably squishy assortment features your favourite Squishmallows characters in a mini 2-inch size. These Mystery Mini-Squishmallows plush toys com..
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