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Putty & Slime

Wholesale Putty & Slime from Muddleit.

Amazing Puffy PuttyPuffy Putty is super stretchy and comes in six assorted colours for you to collect!SKU: 5033849011253..
Area 51 Alien Slime in TubeGlow in the dark alien is packaged in a test tube full of slippery, drippy slime.Maybe it came from a science lab at area 51!SKU: 5038104634871..
Beach Putty & Moving SandIncludes Sea Blue Gel Putty and Stretchy Moving Sand ... mix the two layers together to create fantastic beach putty!SKU: 5033849865337..
Cra-z-Slimy Slippery Water SlimeAn awesome new slimy texture that you won’t be able to put down!Watch in amazement at how it moves and jiggles in your hands. It feels so cool. A total sensory experience!Cra Z Slimy Slippery Slimey comes pre made in a resealable tube allowing you t..
Farting Toilet PuttyPress down on the putty in the toilet pan to make farting sounds!Includes an extra special surprise inside!SKU: 5033849041687..
Garbage GangDiscover which creepy crawly is hiding inside your slimy garbage waste!Includes one pot of colourful, sticky slime with surprise toy in novelty garbage shaped canister.SKU: 5050837649915..
Glow in the Dark Thousand Silk Mud.Small tubs of magic sand!Bright colours.Non-toxic and easy to shape and mould!SKU: 5055071776120..
Putty Mix-ums.Mix, match, and create with Putty Mix-Ums!Perfect for nurturing young creatives, Putty Mix-Ums allows you to squish, squash, and create all kinds of creatures and objects.Your pot also comes with decorative extras to really make your creations stand out from the crowd! ..
Tie Dye SlimeSuper sparkly and slimy, two-toned slime.Available in three colour combinations.Re-sealable storage container to avoid mess.SKU: TBA..
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