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Dynacube Fidget Toy.Put your mental agility to the test with this awesome new Dynacube puzzle.This clever little cube can be manipulated to form over 100 different 3D shapes. Can you rise to the challenge of finding every single one? Brilliant for keeping fidgeting fingers occupied and&nbs..
Light-up Fidget Popper Tube - 6 Assorted.Light up fidget popper tube.Expand the tube, bend it all ways, when you push it back hear the satisfying pops.Get more than one and connect them together for even more fun.An endless fidget toy.SKU: 5038104654442..
Mini Mefferts Puzzle Keychains.Building on the enormous global success of Mefferts Puzzles, we are excited to release 4 unique Mini Mefferts Keychains:• Mini Skewb • Mini Feliks Pillow • Mini Molecube • Mini Diver’s HelmetEach Mini rotates with the same smoothness a..
Octopus GyroBots.Sensory stress relief toy battle spinner.SKU: 05050565646934..
Octopus GyroBots - Transformers.Gyrobot transformer fidget toy spinner.SKU: 5050565646897..
Pop Bandz Glitter.The latest sensory fidget toy.This Glitter Pop Bandz is soft and durable, suitable for adults and children.Helps relieve anxiety and stress.SKU: 05050565555823..
Pop Spinner Octopus.Spin Me and Pop Me with this amazing new brightly coloured rubber fidget toy Spinning Popper Octopus!Perfect for relieving stress, reducing anxiety and tension.This toy is perfect for keeping those hands active and minds calm.Pop the bubbles, and spin the Octopus!SKU..
Two Tone Slug Sensory Toy In CDU 19cm.The two tone Slug is a unique jointed, wiggly trend toy for kids to fidget with.Top trending fidget product as seen on TikTok!Colours May Differentiate.SKU: 5050565643766..
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