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Smart Ball (6ct) RRP £21.99

Smart Ball (6ct) RRP £21.99
Smart Ball (6ct) RRP £21.99
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Smart Ball.

The Smart Ball is the latest innovation in football.

This amazing counting football with lights and sounds allows you to challenge yourself and your friends to see who can achieve more tricks. For the best results make sure you inflate your Smart Ball to a minimum 70cm circumference this will help insure the sensor registers every kick. Use your feet, lower legs, knees, chest and shoulders to keep the Smart Ball from hitting the ground and it will count and light up each time it makes contact with your body.

Smart Ball counts up to 100 and when you reach key milestones Smart Ball will speak words of encouragement to spur you on as you challenge yourself to keep the ball in the air. Great for practicing your kick up skills. Compete with your friends to see who can get closest to the magic 100 keepie uppies. Who will win your Smart Ball World Cup challenge?. The ideal gift for footy fans of all ages.

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