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Wholesale Children's Accessories from Muddleit.

Animal Jersey Hair Tie.Card of 4 Animal motif jersey fabric elastics:Ponios Butterfly, Dragonfly, Teddy and Poodle on a card.SKU: 5023769073387..
Ballerina Accessory Set.Includes:1 x ponio2 x elastics4 x sleepies1 x bun net1 x bandeau headbandSKU: 5023769052689..
Children's Print Wallets.Small size wallet with bright coloured prints - Bugs, Transport, Dinosaurs and Sharks.Size when folded approx. 11x7cm.SKU: 5023769079501..
Children's Cross Body BagChildren's sized cross body bag measuring 10cm x 16cm in either hot pink or rose pink metallic fabric. Strap comes enclosed in the bag and fixes on the metal hoops.SKU: 5023769084727..
Children's Shoulder Bags.White Daisy flower Children's cross the body shoulder bag with long strap. In Pink, Lilac and Blue.Size: 11x4cmSKU: 5023769081955..
Children's Stretch Butterfly Necklace Set.Children’s stretch butterfly charm matching necklace and bracelet set.Necklace diameter: 13cmBracelet diameter: 4.5cmSKU: 5023769030038..
Cord Bracelet with Charm.Adjustable cord bracelet with assorted metal charm Charms - Star, Butterfly and Hearts in silver and gold colour Cord colours - Neon pink, Rainbow, Light pink, White, Turquoise and BlackSKU: 5023769020060..
Cord Bracelets with Rainbow Charm Adjustable.Pastel rainbow coloured corded bracelet with rainbow charm.Adjustable. In Pink, Lilac and Turquoise.SKU: 5023769020206..
Corded Bracelet with Charm.Adjustable cord bracelet with assorted metal charms.Charms - Butterfly, Love and Palm Tree in silver and gold colours.Cord colours - Neon pink, Rainbow, Light pink, White, Turquoise and Black.SKU: 5023769020053..
Crochet Flower Hair Clips.Pair of crochet flower hair clips. Pink, White, Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow.Size: 3.5cmSKU: 5023769080118..
Daisy Motif Hair Clips 2pk.Pair of Daisy motif ribbon covered sleepies with diamante detail. In Pink, Blue and Lilac.Size: 5cmSKU: 5023769083805..
Diamante Star Sleepies Pair.Card of 2 diamante star sleepies in gilt and silver 5cm long 4 units per packCrystal and Rose pink on giltViolet and Blue on silverSKU: 5023769085076..
Elastic Black Hairband 3pk.Card of 3 long Black stretch elastic bandeau with ferrule. Width / Thickness: 1cm. Diameter: 13cm.SKU: 5023769076821..
Elastic Floral Hairband 2pk.Card of 2 long stretch elastic bandeau with ferrule. Floral print. Width / Thickness: 1cm. Diameter: 13cm.SKU: 5023769083874..
Elastic Rainbow Hairband 2pk.Card of 2 long stretch elastic bandeau with ferrule. Rainbow coloured. Width / Thickness: 1cm. Diameter: 13cm.SKU: 5023769083850..
Embroidered Flower Hair Clip.3 embroidered flowers on a ribbon wrapped beak clip5cm long1 unit is 1 clip on a display card8 units per pack - 2 pink flowers, 2 green flowers, 2 pink/white flowers, 2 sunflowersSKU: 5023769085991..
Floral Fabric Sleepies (Hair Clips).Floral print fabric covered sleepie 6 assorted prints Size : 6.5cmSKU: 5023769083607..
Glitter Animal Clips.Metal beak clips covered in velvet style fabric with animal motif. Length : 5cm 6 units per pack1 x lion1 x giraffe1 x fox1 x rabbit1 x bird1 x flowerSKU: 5023769085397..
Glitter Butterfly Hair Ties 2pk.SKU: 5023769078436..
Glitter Zip Purse with Rainbow Motif.SKU: 5023769070508..
Ladybird Wooden Bead Necklace.SKU: 5023769035286..
Marble Effect Hair Clips 9cm.SKU: 5023769084031..
Mood Rings.Product Description: Simple Plain Mood Ring.Material: Zinc and Imitation RhodiumRing Sizes: Assorted3 Years +SKU: 5055071647185..
Rainbow Hair Clip.In assorted pink shadesClip size : 4.5cm Motif : 5cmSKU: 5023769081849..
Rainbow Ribbon Aliceband.• Ribbon wrapped alicebands in bright colours • 100% polyester • Base aliceband is plastic core • 1cm wide • 1 unit is 3 alicebands on a display card - 2 plain and 1 with a rainbow bow • In 2 colourways - 1 turquoise, red and yellow together. 1 orange, pink and purple ..
Sequin Butterfly Motif Clip.Ribbon covered beak clips with diamante and glitter butterfly motif Clip size : 3.5cm Butterfly size : 5cm 6 units per pack2 x pink2 x blue2 x yellowSKU: 5023769085410..
Star Motiff Hairslide.2 pearlescent marble effect stars on a gold coloured hair slide/ hair clip Length : 5cm 3 units per pack1 x pink1 x purple1 x smokeSKU: 5023769085830..
Stretch Bead & Butterfly Bracelets.SKU: 5023769021975..
Stretch Bead Bracelets with Rainbow Charm.SKU: 5023769020138...
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